A Reliable App for Solving Your Cold Shipping Fees


The Problem Faced by Cold Ship Businesses

A lot of businesses need to “cold ship” their product across the country. The farther a package is being shipped, the more dry ice, or insulation, the package will need. This has a direct effect on the cost for the merchant to ship the product – longer distances mean higher cost to ship. 

These merchants can get stuck in a no-win situation with only flat rate shipping fees available out of the box for BigCommerce. Ideally, merchants want to charge their customers shipping, but may have to resort to taking a loss on a lower flat fee, or overcharging customers that are closer to the shipping origin. Our app will allow merchants to define geographic zones, and charge the customer based on the distance the package will be shipped, allowing for the best of both worlds for both merchants and customers. 

Solution: Destination Based Product Fees App

We often refer to one of our newest applications as the Excise Tax Manager. We originally developed this app to solve for adding excise taxes to regulated product purchases on BigCommerce. But, in more general terms, this app can apply any flat or percentage based fee to any BigCommerce Order, based on the shipping address entered at checkout. 

This functionality applies to a lot of niche situations and industries, but can be summed up as “destination based product fees.” 

Charge Variably Based on Shipping Distance

A ‘Cold Shipping’ fee is used when a store charges to ship their cold products across the country, and is often added to a base shipping cost. One common example would be shipping frozen or flash-frozen seafood. If a store wants to charge more when they need to ship farther, they will need to pack the shipment with more dry ice and better insulation for a longer trip.

The destination based product fees app ensures that these fees are accurately calculated and applied in the BigCommerce checkout. Merchants can configure groups of products and geographic zones, and map corresponding up-charges by dollar amount or percent, and apply at the sku, product, or order level. 

Don’t Let Cold Shipping Fees Freeze Your Checkout

Recent innovations allow merchants to successfully fulfill frozen food orders placed online. However, fees for ‘cold shipping’ has always been a challenge for customers and merchants. Streamline the process of shipping frozen goods with our reliable and flexible Destination Based Product Fees App.

Save Time and Money

Implementing the app will save time, effort and money on your BigCommerce store.

  • Merchants can quickly calculate fees without additional development time or cost
  • Easily accessible to merchants as an app in the BigCommerce store dashboard

Make Your Own Rules

A seamless app that allows store owners to assign shipping fees to different groups of products and geographic zones.

  • Enables merchants to group their products based on the shipping fee that needs to be applied
  • Calculates fees through zones based on the distance from the original location

Streamline and Improve the Customer’s Shipping Experience

Flexibility of Configuration

The Destination Based Product Fees App for BigCommerce is a flexible application that enables merchants to charge cold shipping fees.

  • Applies fees based on SKU, Product, and/or Order
  • Defines unique geographic zones
  • Easily integrates to the existing BigCommerce checkout, so customers never leave the BigCommerce checkout

Customization For Each Product

Our customization enables you to set every product’s shipping fee in each zone that you configure.

  • Charge based on flat rate, percentage of product price, or percentage of taxable portion
  • Saves time for accounting, order processing, etc.

Clearly Display Destination Based Product Fees

The fees are accurately displayed for the user as a line item and automatically included in the grand total.

  • Customers can clearly understand what they’re paying for in the checkout
  • Fees are displayed and recorded separately from all default sales tax charged on an order

Compatible & Secure

A truly effective application works well with the other systems and applications in its ecosystem, and the Destination Based Product Fees App  is no exception.

  • Our solution is compatible with most other BigCommerce apps, including (most importantly) apps like Avalara and TaxJar
  • Meets PCI Compliance standards with the BigCommerce checkout

An Innovative App for Multiple Industries

Merchants and customers in various industries can benefit from our flexible and innovative app. Some of the industries our app solves ‘cold shipping’ fees for are listed below.

  • Medical Supplies
  • Seafood
  • Frozen Food – ice cream, meat
  • Frozen Food Subscription Boxes
  • Frozen Meals
  • Baked Goods

Sell Frozen Goods Online? You Need This App Today

Do you have a solution for shipping fees? Don’t pay more down the line when you get hit with penalties. Our developers build apps specially designed for merchants like you who sell regulated products. Invest in your business’ future – contact us today to schedule a demo and see what the Destination Based Product Fees App can do!

Call us at +1-866-590-4650 or Contact Us today!

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