UsedSurf.com Gets a New Custom BigCommerce Design

September 2, 2021 | |

Their Story:

UsedSurf was created back in 2004, when the company realized the Internet would be the way of the future. This prophetic vision allowed the company to put their perspective in the forefront for how the future of finding used surfboards online would come to be. In 2005, UsedSurf owned and ran a small operation, no bigger than a walk-in closet. Nonetheless, the groundwork for their evolving business began to materialize. 

The heart of San Clemente, California, home to fantastic beaches and surfing aficionados, has become the home turf of Used Surf. Their online store became the first Online Surf Shop devoted to selling 100% used surfboards. They claim to be the World’s largest used surfboard shop committed to providing used boards to surfers with over 800 boards catalogued to choose from. They also have the largest Fin Demo Program in the world with over 200 fin sets to demo at their store. 

UsedSurf is constantly looking to curate to the needs of their customers, whether that be through stellar customer service or a fresh redesign of their current website. Their shoppers warrant the updated look, feel, and experience they deserve when buying used surf equipment online.

This is where IntuitSolutions comes into play. With our Custom BigCommerce Redesign of their website we were able to produce a bold, clean, and more organized visual design layout, with a system that both new and returning customers alike will come to appreciate. 

The Challenge:

In 2004, UsedSurf understood the significance of an online storefront. It only made sense that they would eventually migrate to the renowned BigCommerce platform to host, optimize, and market their online storefront.

However, without a branded vision, design insights, and a team of developers to make it all work, their previously designed site was falling into a low quality visual experience coupled with functionality issues. IntuitSolutions saw the opportunity for improvement. After gathering context and speaking with the UsedSurf team we began the redesign of their site. 

“It’s best practice to plan on rebuilding your website every 3-4 years”

The Solution: A Custom BigCommerce Design

It was clear the solution for this project would be a Custom BigCommerce Redesign. With the help of our IntuitSolutions Base theme, we were able to provide a standard layout across all of their site’s pages. Our Base theme comes with a multitude of updated functionality that improves upon site components, performance, and accessibility.

Our BigCommerce certified developers are always looking for new ways to build upon our Base theme that will increase client conversions. The theme also aided in an important aspect of shopping online, mobile responsiveness. This helps increase usability and in turn, will drive more customers to a mobile-friendly website. 

Homepage Design Before & After

Old Homepage for UsedSurf.com
New Homepage for UsedSurf.com

Category Page Designs Before & After

Old Category Page
New Category Page Design

Product Page Designs Before & After

Product Page Design Before
Product Page Design After

Custom Category Card Designs

The color scheme opted for UsedSurf evokes a smooth and playfully professional visual experience. The majority of the site design is white, increasing legibility and contrast for the main sections of the site. The highlight colors being a golden yellow, reminiscent of the sun, and slate gray that adds a level of daringness. A custom animation was applied to their entire site, transforming all black and white monochromatic images to vibrant colors that pop off the page when a user hovers over an image with their cursor. 

custom animation for category cta cards

Custom Product Card Designs

Their product card designs also got an overhaul. These cards utilize the monochromatic transition fade to color as well, but exhibit another site-wide design change this client opted for: rounded images. This is a great UX decision because rounded corners appear easier on the eyes, as the cognitive load to distinguish hard edges is more cumbersome. The site wide design decisions we made benefit their overall system in every aspect. 

custom product card designs

IntuitSolutions’ Base Theme

IntuitSolutions Base Theme

We build all of our custom BigCommerce stores with our proprietary “Base Theme”. This theme was developed off of the BigCommerce Cornerstone theme and enhanced by our BigCommerce developers to achieve improved page load speed, Google Core Web Vitals, and SEO results. The IntuitSolutions Base Theme comes out of the box with the following features: 

– Significant Upgrades to ADA & WCAG Accessibility

– Better 404 Crawler Instructions

– Improved ‘Quick Search’ results

– Resolved Native Bugs

– Improved Blog layout

– Photoswipe Product Image Viewer

– Popup Login

– Product Data Page Custom Tabs

– Image Swap on hover

– Mega Menu

– Improve Cart Page Layout

– Additional Page Builder Region Points

– Slide Out Preview Cart

– Slide Out Search

– Brand Carousel

– And Much More

BigCommerce Add-ons & Plugins

In addition to the custom design, our developers implemented several custom add-ons on UsedSurf.com.

Some of these add-ons include: 

Cart Page Upsell Add-on – Add a carousel to the shopping cart to offer customers related products that they may be interested in.

cart page upsell

Frequently Bought Together Add-on – Display related or frequently bought together items beneath main product details, similar to Amazon.

frequently bought together add-on

ThemeBridge™: The Staging-Like Environment Built for BigCommerce

ThemeBridge™ is an app developed by IntuitSolutions to help expedite the testing and launch processes. It allows us to preview any Stencil theme against your website’s real store data.

Every BigCommerce development project and retainer gains access to ThemeBridge™ at IntuitSolutions. 

UsedSurf.com was able to preview their new theme with their actual product data and content, browse the new site prior to launch, and see development progress in real-time – a process that no other development agency can offer. ThemeBridge™ ensures a smooth transition from Blueprint to Stencil and provides confidence for both our clients and our developers in knowing how a website will look and function prior to launch. 

themebridge test theme

The Results

UsedSurf proudly launched their new site in July 2021. They are now furnished with a modern fresh design, boosting performance and user experience from their previous site. Accessibility has also greatly increased due to our Base theme updates, mobile usability, and optimized SEO. Their renovated online storefront now has the power to process faster page and image load times, as well as a slick new look. 

Moreover the client was pleased with our end results. They have signed on board for a Monthly Managed Services plan we offer, which includes time we dedicate per month to further work on the design and development of their new site.

Some of these updates include but are not limited to, responsive testing and optimization, design and layout changes to the proposed site, and various updates to content (text, imagery, internal linking, etc). We are pleased with the results of this project. With their new online storefront open, UsedSurf is ready to hang loose.

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Kameron joined IntuitSolutions in November 2019 as a Front-End Developer and Designer. He graduated from Drexel University in 2019 with a bachelor’s in Interactive Digital Media with a focus on UX. He works on full site projects, monthly managed service clients, and full site designs. In his free time you can find him playing video games, cuddling his two cats, and exploring nature trails.

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