Word Clouds (AKA Tag Clouds) Seriously Hurt SEO

Tag Clouds – An Abusive Relationship With SEO

Tag Cliouds Are Bad Folr SEO

The Great Tag Cloud SEO Deception

Seemingly nice, history is full of men luring women into danger, only to suddenly reveal themselves to be quite the opposite of nice. This bait and switch is sort of the same idea used to encourage constant regurgitation of praise for bad seo tactics.

What the trickster presents to you is exactly what you wished for – an easy way to get super, duper SEO results that makes a lot of sense and is FAST! Well, you know if it’s too good to be true, at the least it’s likely not effective for growth – and most often it’s even harmful or deadly.

Further muddling the water of good and evil – techniques at one time deemed to be positive by Google & SEO Professionals alike, later became labeled as poison by the great SERPant.(Too Symbolic / Metaphor Overload: SERPs are Google’s algorithmic display pages for search results.) Given such wide market share, the biggest search engine could decide tomorrow – “off with that SEO tactic!” and the businesses vying for ranking prominence are left to jump through hoops and adapt quickly.

Grade School Taught Us Copycats Were Bad

But we seem to have become a society full of rehashes, clones and copying of everything. Traversing the peaks & valleys of an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape means today’s best SEO practices often become “no-no’s” tomorrow. Despite this dichotomy, we’re confident when we correlate Tag Cloud use with other major practices attributed to a broader category of “bad seo” techniques.

PRO TIP: (Bad or Negative SEO is defined as any strategy, whether white, grey or black hat in origin – which will ONLY hurt your site.)

Why Tag Clouds SUCK

What customers who copy the big boys most often don’t consider is the long-established authority of these sites. As a result of experience and small exposures over time, strong immune systems form to re-enforce survival. Especially on light-hearted and community-based websites, Tag Clouds look like a fun, very engaging way to display your keyword s – however, do not be fooled. – tag clouds are NOT GOOD.

As you filter down to the true essence good and evil as it is applied to the ethics of digital marketing & SEO – you’ll find over and over again this tricky little false prophet, desperately striving to keep you away from the most ugly truth in this matter…. Tag Clouds SUCK!

Proof is all around, so if you believe nobody besides the numbers- it will showing these things are nothing more than a way to topics. This is true both from a user’s stand point, and from a search engine’s stand-point. Where your users are concerned, tag clouds tend to grab the user’s attention and direct them to another part of the site. Using the Related Products or Featured Products sections is more visually appealing to the user and allows you to have more control.

IntuitSolutions Advice – “Don’t Waste Your Time with Tag Clouds”

Taking the scope from a search engine’s point of view, tag clouds look like little more than jumbled messes –egregious keyword stuffing, with topics mostly unfocused and non-specific to anything important or attributed to the meta-data elsewhere on their page. Either way, you’re not doing yourself any favors by including them.

Tag Clouds are just the beginning of a false-construct hovering beneath the surface, where at first a comforting little piece of content , degenerates into the frothy-mouthed, moon howling tactics of negative SEO demon – nightmarish-in-their-results always looking for fresh blood when it comes to SEO. Make sure your site stays up to date with white-hat, clean and thorough best practices, if you want our expert SEO advice, call IntuitSolutions today to get started on your journey,

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