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September 2, 2015 | |

Conditional Product Options

Urban Road had a special issue with the default options for products. Most of the time, a single product page will only need options for color, size, or something else inconsequential to the other options. In the case of Urban Road, they needed a way to change the available options based on the product option selected.

The first available selection is a framed print, which is fairly straightforward. A customer selects “Framed Print,” and then selects their frame size, frame orientation and frame color.

Urban Road Framed Print Custom Options
Urban Road Framed Print Custom Options.

However, when a customer selects a “Canvas Print,” Urban Road needed those options to change, because not only are many canvas prints ordered without a frame, but the terminology is also different: on canvas prints, the “frame” is called a “shadow box.”

Urban Road Canvas Print Custom Options
Urban Road Canvas Print Custom Options.

IntuitSolutions was able to dynamically control which options are shown based on the type of print selected, saving Urban Road the hassle of having to keep many more products on their site rather than roll them into one offering.

Living Room Virtual Product Mockup

Another customization that IntuitSolutions did for Urban Road was the “View On Your Wall” option for their Wall Art offerings, allowing customers to upload a photo of their own wall to preview how the print would look with their decor or color scheme.

Urban Road View On Your Wall Button
Urban Road View On Your Wall Button.

When site visitors see the button above, they are greeted with a pop-up that allows them to select a file from their computer, and then input their wall’s dimensions so that the print can properly scale in real-time. Prospective customers can get a great idea of how the piece will complement their home, and ease some of the stress that can come with buying a piece of art sight unseen.

(Try it out here! Urban Road – “Tropical Rush” Print)

Urban Road View On Your Wall Print Upload
Urban Road On Your Wall Print Upload Generator.

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