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We were asked by Pure Pro to migrate their existing BigCommerce store from the antiquated Blueprint framework to the new Stencil framework. Working closely with the Pure Pro team, IntuitSolutions designed, developed and launched a custom BigCommerce Stencil theme on We then implemented custom add-ons to enhance the UX.

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A Custom BigCommerce Migration

The Design

A fully responsive design on BigCommerce that stays true to the company’s established brand.


What We Did

General Services
  • Migration to BigCommerce
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Custom Theme Development
Custom Features
  • "Tire by Size" Search Feature
  • Collapsible Side Menu
  • Product Page Enhancements
  • "My Garage" Feature
  • PIM, Catalog Management, Shipping, and Order Management Integrations
  • Mobile-Responsive
  • Cornerstone "Base Theme"
  • UX Enhancements
  • Optimized Site Performance and Page Speed

Their Story:

Tires.Auto has emerged as a premier online destination for purchasing quality, reliable tires, offering an extensive product selection from renowned brands like Hankook, LionHart, and Thunderer. Catering to a diverse range of driving applications, including all-terrain, off-road, mud terrain, and high-performance, the company remains dedicated to providing customers with a hassle-free tire buying experience.

Recognizing the ever-changing landscape of the competitive automotive ecommerce market, they turned to the premier BigCommerce development agency—IntuitSolutions—to revamp their online store with a more robust, scalable ecommerce solution.

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The Challenge: Greater Autonomy and Flexibility for Automotive Ecommerce

In recent years, businesses selling automotive products have gradually shifted from brick-and-mortar establishments to online sales channels.

Tires.Auto had already established a strong presence on eBay and other online marketplaces, but desired greater autonomy over their own ecommerce website. Their prior platform demanded significant ongoing maintenance and lacked an ecosystem of support when questions or challenges arose.

Seeking a more contemporary and efficient ecommerce solution, Tires.Auto partnered with IntuitSolutions for a seamless migration to BigCommerce.

The Solution: Custom Migration to BigCommerce

When searching for the best ecommerce platform for selling automotive, BigCommerce emerged as the clear choice. Trusted globally by more than 2,600 automotive ecommerce businesses, BigCommerce had the built-in features, ongoing support, and flexible architecture to take their company to the next level of growth.

Working with the BigCommerce migration experts, the custom replatform to BigCommerce for included:

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Migration to BigCommerce

The Process

& Data Migration

A creative process to produce a modern, UX-friendly design serving B2B and B2C customers, tailored to the brand.

& Integration

Best-in-class custom BigCommerce theme development and third-party app integrations.

& Collaboration

Rigorous browser and device testing. A collaboration with trusted partners to deliver a full enterprise solution.

& Support

A coordinated launch to complete the migration process, followed up with post launch audits and ongoing support.

A Closer Look

Site Customizations & Enhancements

Some highlights of the unique solutions implemented for their new BigCommerce store.

Search Tires by Size

Finding the perfect fit is easier than ever thanks to the "Search Tires by Size" feature, easily accessed in the top header, homepage, and product pages. An integration with Convermax supported the "Make, Model, Year" type functionality, a staple in automotive ecommerce.

Visual Category CTAs on Homepage

A clean, image-centric homepage design invites users to explore categories and popular items. These visually inviting entry points provide a seamless path to discovering the perfect products quickly.

"Verify Fitment" on Product Page

The convenient "Verify Fitment" feature on the product page is a UX-friendly way to help buyers shop with confidence. It also helps merchants reduce the likelihood of returns and exchanges for incompatible products. 

Collapsible Side Menu

The collapsible side menu on category pages provides users with a space-saving solution to efficiently filter products. This intuitive feature enhances navigation, allowing shoppers to easily refine their search criteria and find the perfect items without cluttering the browsing experience.

"My Garage" Feature

The "My Garage" feature enhances user experience by personalizing the shopping journey. By enabling customers to add their specific car(s), the product detail page dynamically showcases item compatibility with the user's vehicle(s), streamlining decision-making and ensuring purchase confidence.

"View More Sizes" on Product Page

The custom-developed "View More Sizes" button on the product pages seamlessly showcases all sizes that match the selected item. This feature enhances user experience and optimizes SEO efforts by generating individual product pages for each size in search results.

Notable Apps, Integrations, and Partners

For ecommerce merchants relying on multiple apps and other technology supporting their site, it's crucial to partner with a team that can offer expert guidance on the most suitable integration approach, whether off-the-shelf, a custom BigCommerce integration, or a combination of these solutions.

Our BigCommerce integrations experts advised on and executed pre-configured and custom integrations to ensure the entire app ecosystem worked seamlessly for Notable apps and integrations included:

  • Convermax for Make, Model, Year and Search Functionality
  • Rithum for Product Information Management (PIM), Multichannel Listing, Order Processing, and Shipment Management
  • Avalara for Tax Software
  • Klaviyo for Marketing Integration
  • Eye4Fraud for Fraud Prevention

"Without great partners like IntuitSolutions, BigCommerce would not be where it is today."

Dan Fertig - BigCommerce VP of Partnerships


The Results: An Automotive Ecommerce Platform Positioned for Growth

After a successful migration BigCommerce, now enjoys enhanced control over their ecommerce platform, positioning them for substantial growth. With newfound autonomy and agility, they're primed to expand their online presence and create more satisfied customers than ever before.

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