Introducing True One Page Checkout on BigCommerce

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IntuitSolutions is proud to announce our new One-Page Checkout system, the first truly single-page, one-stop checkout for BigCommerce! No other solution will give you the amount of compatibility and ease of use that you’ll enjoy with our system.

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True One Page Checkout on BigCommerce from IntuitSolutions.

Getting Results

While BigCommerce’s standard one page checkout is a good baseline, it still requires the customer to collapse and expand sections, moving from field to field hoping there are no mistakes along the way. IntuitSolutions One-Page Checkout does extensive on-page Javascript checking for errors the moment your customer clicks “Order”, yet without the page needing to refresh. This gives them real-time feedback on any inconsistencies while preserving their input data, creating a situation where the abandoned carts are down considerably. has enjoyed a 275% increase in conversion rate, 5.4% increase in Average Order Value and 10% decrease in abandoned carts since implementing our system in December.

Want to boost your conversion rate and stop abandoned carts? We will be introducing this feature in the coming weeks. Read the full product page for compatibility, features, statistics and more!.

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