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Introducing another great new site the BigCommerce platform, This is a highly customized website that sells a vaping device as well as disposable cartridges to go along with the device itself.

As with most sites we develop on BigCommerce, this site has many customizations. We strive to make the most of the robust BigCommerce platform while utilizing the latest practices in jquery, css, and html to create websites that look great and function well. We almost always work within the platform to adjust templates and make them fit a client’s every need.

B2B Integration

Like many customers who have complicated sales funnels and warehousing systems, needs to use an ERP system to collect sales from the website and send them to the warehousing facility. This type of customization requires weeks of planning, testing and implementation, but once it is in place it allows the client to have complete control over their inventory and their warehousing facility.

Regulations and Shipping Restrictions

Due to the nature of selling tobacco products we had to be careful to make sure we stuck to the regulations necessary. In order to do so we made sure to include warnings at the bottom of the site as well as customizing the abandoned cart emails to include the same warnings. There are also certain states or cities that do not allow some of’s products to be sold, in those cases we had to develop a customization that would prevent people from checking out if they had certain items in their cart and lived in certain places.

Direct Response Television has promotional sales that they do with the help of direct response television. In order to make that work on the BigCommerce site we developed unique product pages templates that allow the user to get a special promotion from direct response television advertisements from a specific page on the site. We also helped develop pages in the website that are specifically designed for the use of sales reps who can accept sales over the phone and input them through the website from a specific page.

Store Locator

We added a customization to this site that we have included on other BigCommerce sites in the past. The store locator customization allows the site owner to add stores to a list that will be included in a map that the customer can access on the front end of the site. This is a great customization for both clients that have multiple store locations as well as clients that sell their products at multiple different locations. Other examples of this customization can be seen here.

General Support

As with all of our sites, we offer general BigCommerce Optimization and Support to This general support includes making changes to their site as well as recommending changes. We have been working on e-commerce sites for over 15 years and we often let our clients know what we recommend be done on a site, whether that be as simple as making the add to cart button a different color or as complex as adjusting the way categories are structured.

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