The first and only true production-like testing environment for your BigCommerce store

IntuitSolutions ThemeBridge™

Introducing ThemeBridge™, the first and only true production-like staging environment built specifically for the BigCommerce platform. ThemeBridge™ is a plug and play app that makes launching important updates to your store better, faster, and safer. 

Streamline the development process by giving yourself and your developers the ability to preview alternative themes against your website’s real store data. Whether you’re previewing a design improvement, new custom functionality, a feature adjustment, or any minor changes you may make to your theme, ThemeBridge™ gives you the confidence of knowing that your updates will “play nice” with your live website and not cause unforeseen issues, typically found when using a standard sandbox environment. 

Client Involvement

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  • This app requires no work on your end.
  • This app requires a little bit of work before installation.
  • Expect to make updates before installation, as well as possible post installation maintanance.
  • You will need to make updates before installation, as well as possible post installation maintanance.
  • This will require a lot of work, be prepared to make updates before installation and to continue to maintain the installation going forward.

Getting Started With ThemeBridge™ is as Simple as Dragging and Dropping.

Upload your first theme to get started and manage them in the app as you go. Seamlessly switch between themes to test, apply them live to your store, or delete the ones you’re no longer using in the app panel.

Get the BigCommerce Stagning Environment

Upload various themes to test with your live store data.

Skip the BigComerce Sandbox

Deploy themes to see how changes will affect live store data.

Preview Themes on Your Live Store Data

See what themes are active on ThemeBridge and active on your live website.

Schedule BigCommerce Theme Launches

Schedule a theme to launch on your live site at a specific date and time. Great for promos!

Features & Benefits

Mitigate the risk of site issues

Protect your brand and mitigate the inherent risks of making updates to your live website by implementing a true staging environment.

Preview Themes against live store data

With ThemeBridge™ there is no longer a need to implement mock stores and products, also known as a sandbox. The core feature of ThemeBridge™ is the Theme Preview. This allows you to browse all of the available themes in your BigCommerce store, and see what those themes would look like against real store data. 

Save Time & Expense

Having your live data at your fingertips will allow you to see how your store will look in real-time. ThemeBridge™ replaces the immense amount of time needed to manage a sandbox store with duplicate products and categories. Being able to debug against a preview with identical configuration to the live store will expedite the development and testing processes, saving you significant time and expense.

Seamless Team Collaboration

ThemeBridge™ allows you to choose your own subdomain on which to preview your themes. This subdomain will be live and available to anyone with the link – though not searchable by search engines. Using this browser-based system allows for greater collaboration and expedited feedback on the changes you’ve made. Easily share your custom ThemeBridge™ URL with decision makers and your Quality Assurance team.

Schedule Theme Launches

In addition to previewing a theme, you can also schedule your targeted theme to go live at a specific time and date. This can be perfect for multi-team development, seasonal updates to designs or theme content, specific promotions, or launch of new site features.

It doesn’t matter if you use an in-house developer or an outside agency, ThemeBridge™ will streamline both your internal review processes and external collaboration with your developer and replace your need for a sandbox store.

Simply put, ThemeBridge™ will improve your site maintenance and testing processes, help protect your site from critical failures, and save you time and money with newly gained efficiencies.  

ThemeBridge™ addresses a critical need for every BigCommerce store.  

Install the App today and start building a better BigCommerce website.

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