How Top-Performing BigCommerce Stores Sell More with Site Optimization & Support Plan

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If you’ve ever owned or operated an offline shop, then you know all about the need for regular maintenance. You need to make repairs, replenish inventory, and change out seasonal displays. You also need to check in on how customers interact with your storefront and make ongoing adjustments to get a more significant return on investment.

Just like a physical storefront, your online store needs constant care and attention. As an online business owner, it’s challenging to stay on top of all the changes in ecommerce — but it’s even more difficult to find the time to manage everything yourself.

That’s why our team offers flexible site optimization and support plans: one flat fee per month that covers your bases in maintaining optimal performance — from minor bug fixes to strategic improvements that help attract more leads and close more sales.

How Does Keeping a Developer on a Site Optimization Plan Pay Off for My Business?

We’ve all heard the old adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s true for your ecommerce business, too. Many times, things you can’t see working in the background factor into how your website performs and converts visitors. 

With a site support plan, you have a team of experienced BigCommerce experts who regularly review your website’s health and recommend changes that will enhance front- and back-end functionality, improve customer experience, and help maximize your online sales.

Site optimization and support helps your BigCommerce site:

  1. Rank higher in organic search. Technical SEO improvements translate to a better ranking in search results and better visibility to potential customers. Search engines consider hundreds of ranking factors – with a team continuously analyzing and improving those factors, your site will begin to show higher in search results.
  2. Get better ROI for paid ads. With ongoing SEO improvements, online stores that use search engine marketing will also see a higher return on investment on their paid ads, with search engines showing those ads more frequently for the same ad spend.
  3. Enhance UI and UX with accessibility improvements. Recommended enhancements made as a result of ongoing accessibility audits not only help internet users with disabilities, they benefit ALL users. A better browsing experience means more users engaging, buying, and returning to your site.
  4. Close more sales with faster site speed. That little extra wait for a page to load makes a bigger difference than you might think. This study found a site that loads in 1 second has a conversion rate 2.5x higher than a site that loads in 5 seconds. Our BigCommerce experts have the tools and experience to get your site loading faster – and keep it that way.
  5. Prevent costly downtime and lost revenue. Overlooking regular fixes can create more significant problems to arise down the road, resulting in scrambling to fix your website while you wait in line for a resolution.

How Do Site Optimization & Support Plans Work?

At IntuitSolutions, our team is wholly-focused on prioritizing what’s best for your business and industry, so no two plans will look the same.  

Our BigCommerce optimization and support packages are structured for a dedicated allotment of hours per month, typically 40, and cover essential website maintenance, including priority access to developer support. Because our team never outsources services, we fully control and ensure the quality of our work. 

Typical services in a monthly site optimization may include:

  • Design Modifications and Feature Enhancements
  • Custom Development Requests
  • Technical Search Engine Optimization Support
  • Routine Site Health Maintenance (e.g., backups, bug fixes, security updates)
  • Core Web Vitals and Page Load Speed Optimization
  • Web Accessibility Remediation and Improvements
  • Content Updates (e.g., links, images, other media)
  • Strategic Ecommerce Consulting

Our flexible maintenance plans are month-to-month, so you’re not locked into a long-term contract. For plans of 20 hours or more, unused time, if not filled with additional recommendations from our team, will roll over into the next month.

Begin a Growth-Driven Partnership with IntuitSolutions

You’ve invested significantly in building your online store – but how do you ensure that investment pays off over time? You need to be able to scale up your ecommerce site quickly without having to reinvent the wheel every time, and that means having the right support partner in place.

As an ecommerce agency in the business for 20+ years and BigCommerce Elite Partner, we’ve successfully completed thousands of projects and know what it takes to launch, maintain and grow on the BigCommerce platform. We pride ourselves on being an extension of your team, and your partner in ecommerce success.

Check out more information on our developer maintenance plans, send us a message or call us at 866-901-4650 to discuss which support plan is right for your business.

    Sarah joined IntuitSolutions in 2022 as a Marketing Manager where she focuses on content creation, social media, and digital marketing. In her free time, she loves to travel, study a new language, and explore nature around her.

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