RT1Guitars.com BigCommerce Design & SEO

BigCommerce Design and Customizations

RT1 Music and Guitar Shop (RT1Guitars.com) came to us directly from BigCommerce. We did a fairly comprehensive overhaul of the website, which had just been migrated from ProStores to BigCommerce. We started with a redesign on a new BigCommerce theme, working with the client to come up with a slick design that inspired consumer confidence and enhanced the customer experience. The new design included a new cleaned up logo and image work on the homepage. RT1 wanted to focus on several brands of guitars, including Kramer, Charvel, and others, so we highlighted these brands right on the homepage, streamlining the customer’s path to the products RT1 wanted to sell. We also made some customizations to the category list/navigations. Each page features the drop-down navigation in the header, but when you get to the product listing and product detail pages there is another side navigation menu bar that displays the categories, popular brands, and in some cases shop by price. Both the top navigation and side navigations use the same panel but remain dynamic, styled only with css.

BigCommerce SEO and Adwords Campaigns

We also started new Adwords campaigns and did a complete overhaul on RT1’s organic Search Engine Optimization. Due to the changes that came with the Panda and Penguin Google updates, the site had been hit with 100’s of webmaster tool errors. We found a very unique way of fixing these errors, which we will be writing about in a separate blog post next week, so stay tuned for that post! Writing new content and rewriting old content was another major focus of our SEO work, improving the site’s rankings and giving more information to prospective buyers.

BigSilver Package for BigCommerce Sites

RT1Guitars.com is an excellent example of what you can get with our BigSilver Package for BigCommerce Sites. If you have a limited budget and want to improve the overall look and feel of your new BigCommerce Site, this is the package for you. We have experienced designers who can turn a plain, ordinary template into an energizing and captivating website that will increase your sales almost immediately. Take a look at the before and after shots of RT1Guitars.com to see the dramatic difference the BigSilver Package can make.

RT1Guitars.com Before

RT1Guitars.com After

Considering a Move To Big Commerce?

Migrating to BigCommerce vastly improved RT1Guitar’s look and feel, as well as it’s functionality and user experience. The new site is fun to interact with, containing a lot of valuable information for customers, and overall gives the client a better platform from which to sell and advertise his products. Considering a migration to BigCommerce from ProStores, OS Commerce, or another platform? Contact Us today to get started.

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