PurePro.com Upgrades from BigCommerce Blueprint to Stencil

June 7, 2021 | |

Their Story

PurePro.com is the result of years of research into developing the best massage products catered to a wide range of skin sensitivities.  In the winter of 1992, massage therapist, Dianna Dapkins, embarked on creating a new line of massage products adhering to her philosophy of never using, (https://purepro.com/pages/about-us.html) “chemically derived water dispersing agents, food grade ingredients such as canola oil, or artificial fragrances”. This philosophy proved successful, as her line of products currently occupies the shelves of reputable therapy supply stores, select training institutes, and Pure Pro’s own factory outlet store in Greenfield Massachusetts.

As a massage therapist, specializing in muscular therapy, Dianna personally engages with Pure Pro’s catalog of products for use within her own medical massage practice. Every product endures rigorous testing not only by Dianna, but also thousands of other therapy professionals. Dianna and the folks at Pure Pro take pride in the quality of products that they continue to provide to both massage therapists and their clients.

The Challenge

After reviewing their previous website based on BigCommerce’s last generation platform, Blueprint, it became evident that a new and improved platform was required in order to fully realize Pure Pro’s vision. How could we execute in developing the feature rich, & performant website that Pure Pro deserved?

Additionally, key features of their website were no longer performing as expected. Arguably the MOST important feature being the checkout. First handedly, they experienced the negative effects of remaining on an unsupported platform. The only solution was to upgrade the platform as fast as possible. Luckily for PurePro, these issues did not arise until the new website was almost complete. 

The Solution

Due to a performance cap tied to Blueprint, PurePro wanted to break through that ceiling in order to provide their users a better experience. BigCommerce’s Stencil Platform is a considerable upgrade from Blueprint. Stencil incorporates the latest best practices in technology, design standards, conversion, and SEO. On top of the aforementioned upgrades, IntuitSolutions’ proprietary “Base Theme” turns performance up to 11. Our “Base Theme” technology was developed off of the BigCommerce Cornerstone Theme, rocking enhancements by our very own BigCommerce certified developers, boosting performance in just about every way.

Desktop Category Landing Page
Desktop Category Landing Page
Tablet Category Landing Page
Tablet Category Landing Page
Mobile Category Landing Page
Mobile Category Landing Page

Pure Pro’s migration from BigCommerce’s Blueprint over to Stencil, allowed them to redefine the visual language of their website as well. Going for a more friendly, feature rich, and info rich experience, users are in for a visual treat.

ThemeBridge™: The Staging-Like Environment Built for BigCommerce

Amongst the services we provided for Pure Pro included implementing our very own proprietary staging environment, ThemeBridge. ThemeBridge harnesses the data stored within a client’s server, and applies it towards any Stencil theme in order to preview and test functionality prior to pushing it live.

Every BigCommerce development project and retainer gains access to ThemeBridge™ at IntuitSolutions. 

PurePro.com was able to preview their new theme which reflected actual product data/content, navigate the new site prior to launch, and view development progress in real-time – a process that no other development agency can offer. ThemeBridge™ ensures a smooth transition from Blueprint to Stencil and provides confidence for both our clients and our developers in knowing how a website will look and function prior to launch. 

BigCommerce Add-ons & Plugins

In addition to the custom design, our developers implemented several customized add-ons for PurePro.com in order to elevate user experience.

Some of these add-ons include:

bulk pricing table
  • Reorder Button: Allows returning customers to easily reorder items they’ve purchased before with a convenient reorder button.
  • Popup Login: Allow users to login to their account from any page via a pop-up window to avoid having to go through multiple pages.
  • Bulk Pricing Table: Interactive Table on Product page lets you dynamically show B2B and wholesale pricing.
  • Quick Order: Permit customers to search for items, then within the search suggestions allow customers to add products to cart with items options available.

The Results

All of the features mentioned above culminate into a rich & efficient user experience, utilizing cutting edge e-commerce web technologies. We are proud to have provided Pure Pro with a website that matches both the quality of their products and services.
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