Migration and Custom Design on BigCommerce

TwirlyGirl‘s owners were in search of robust software integrations and a back office that would scale with their growing clothing business. After two ecommerce platforms failed to reach their needs over just eight years, their next choice in a platform had to offer them easy, one-click integrations and enterprise-grade applications.

It was crucial that the platform be flexible, up to date and relevant enough to attract the best developers. BigCommerce is all three of these things.

BigCommerce Proves to be Best Ecommerce Platform for TwirlyGirl

The business goals for TwirlyGirl are simple — Sell, Scale and Succeed. So, why was it so difficult for them to find an ecommerce provider that satisfied these goals? Simply put, their old platforms just could not integrate easily with applications that were pivotal to growing their business.

The BigCommerce migration team took the hassle out of switching platforms, and helped set them up with enterprise-grade integrations of software like QuickBooks, MailChimp and ShippingEasy.

Custom Size Charts for Fashion Sites on BigCommerce

The site’s makeover wasn’t only on the inside, though; after TwirlyGirl’s necessary software was seamlessly integrated, IntuitSolutions created a beautiful new responsive site design to better showcase the growing, fun company. We also built several customizations for the site to handle the needs of their business, including:

  • Video thumbnail with product images
  • Add to cart multiple sizes of same product at once
  • Shopping by size dynamically displays only in-stock inventory
  • Individualized size chart pop-ups specific to each product
  • Shipping options that only display for wholesale customers

Increase Sales with BigCommerce and IntuitSolutions

With ongoing professional services consultations to help them sell more online, every aspect of their online business felt the impact. While BigCommerce headed up TwirlyGirl’s migration, IntuitSolutions also offers extensive services for SEO, PPC, A/B testing, social media, email marketing and much more. Having the load off their shoulders during the migration, TwirlyGirl was free to stay focused on increasing sales instead of on technology.

TwirlyGirl Increases Monthly Revenue by 51%
TwirlyGirl Increased Monthly Revenue by 51%.

That focus has allowed the company to increase average monthly sales transactions by 43%, and increase average monthly revenue by 51%! Most impressively, year-over-year sales have increased by 64% — an amazing rate of growth that will continue to trend upward and would not have been possible on their old platforms.

Interested in boosting your yearly numbers like TwirlyGirl has? Contact us today!

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This post content has been repurposed from BigCommerce’s case study on TwirlyGirl. Visit their case studies page or view the TwirlyGirl Case Study PDF directly.

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