Migrating Products With Multiple Options and Prices to BigCommerce

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Recently we had the opportunity to tackle a very difficult task, migrating product data from a less than user friendly eCommerce platform to a new BigCommerce website. Tackle Depot, a supplier of Fishing and Hunting products, had over 15,000 products across several hundred categories – most with different combinations of options that would change the selling price. The biggest problem was that the old store didn’t have the ability to give us all of the data we needed to properly move the store’s products with all of their detail. This happens often. Some systems will let users export their whole product database with every piece of information available in a spreadsheet, while many other eCommerce systems out there don’t have this option. In this case, the system had an export but it was only a small portion of the data.

We needed a whole new approach. Using the data we did have access to, we created a system that would obtain the rest of the missing pieces of information by reading it off of the live site itself. Page by page, products were checked for options, pricing, images, etc and piece by piece it was all automatically fed into the brand new BigCommerce site. The end result is the impressive selection you can peruse at www.thetackledepot.com. Customers can select options on products just like they could before the migration, and the price updates itself on the page.

What’s so special about this? Well, most migration offerings will create a product, but not Options, Option Sets, SKUs, or Rules. We were able to add the products, associate them with their categories and manufacturers, and then link in the sets of options with their unique SKUs, inventory amounts, and prices. For a store this size, doing product entry one product at a time could take months and could be prohibitively expensive in terms of time/effort.

How does this affect you? It means IntuitSolutions can likely move your data to BigCommerce successfully, regardless of the format that it is in currently. We can work with you and your existing site to find the best method of migrating to BigCommerce without starting over from scratch. Contact Us Today if you’d like us to take a look at your current setup and see what it would take to move your data in its entirety.

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