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Leaving Magento for BigCommerce Enterprise

A Seamless Migration Across the Board


We were beyond excited when came to us for their migration to BigCommerce. For one, they’re a fun company that makes great products and they’re owned by the eco-friendly parent company: Seventh Generation. Beyond that, they offered an opportunity for us to highlight the benefits of BigCommerce’s Enterprise platform over WaterBobble’s previous partner – Magento.

BigCommerce’s Ease of Use and Lower Costs Win Out

First, we took stock of WaterBobble’s primary concerns with Magento: It was expensive, and page load times were at the mercy of a third-party host. These are issues BigCommerce solves immediately– their competitive price tiers include hosting services and support, bringing down cost while improving the speed of the site. With Magento, you need a full-time front-end and back-end developer for a company at the enterprise level, as their database is incredibly confusing. BigCommerce, on the other hand, simplifies your front-end presentation, and limits your back-end options to the ones you actually need.

Next, we utilized a level of customization that we believe makes BigCommerce a better alternative to Magento. Their open API allowed WaterBobble to find apps that would integrate seamlessly with WaterBobble’s logistics and fulfillment systems. This meant that the business could continue to flow smoothly as we made major changes to their site.  The ability to keep vital systems moving this way is of utmost importance to any migration, and BigCommerce’s focus on a customizable and fully supported API made that process possible.

We also know a number of our clients benefit from BigCommerce’s well-developed app marketplace. Their continuously expanding line of applications are built by professionals, for professionals, and offer features from live chat functionality to e-mail marketing.

With BigCommerce’s benefits over Magento, our team was able to focus on customizing a responsive design for the new site. The ability for an e-commerce business to provide the optimal experience for users across platforms is crucial to any successful store as mobile and tablet usage continues to grow.

IntuitSolutions and BigCommerce Enterprise Are Here to Help You Migrate Your Store

Migrating your website can be a daunting task, even when you’re wholly dissatisfied with your current platform. That’s why it’s important to team up with a partner that understands the concerns of your business. If you have reservations about BigCommerce, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Our migration of stands out among the dozens of our other successful projects as a true testament to the comprehensive offerings of the BigCommerce Enterprise platform.

Set up your BigCommerce Store With us Today!

If you’re interested in moving to BigCommerce or optimizing your current BigCommerce store then give us a call today at 866 590 4650!

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