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June 30, 2022 | |

Lexar Industrial is a leading online distributor of industrial-grade fasteners for the manufacturing, construction, and mechanical industries. A destination for industry professionals, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers, Lexar provides the highest quality, hard-to-find products at competitive prices.

With no e-commerce website to call their own, Lexar Industrial was missing out on providing a truly unique shopping experience for B2B and B2C clients. Our team worked with them on a complete site design with vibrant images, clear calls-to-action, and unique customizations to help guide customers through the purchase pipeline.

The Challenge: Limited by Online Marketplaces

With an online e-commerce presence limited to eBay and Amazon, Lexar Industrial had minimal control in optimizing their shoppers’ experience. Like Lexar Industrial, many online merchants these days are finding that relying solely on selling through an online marketplace can be a risk.

Having little control over the marketplace shopping experience, rules, and regulations – let alone the fees that cut into their margins – many merchants open up their own e-commerce store to gain some control. The best and most scalable e-commerce solution these days is the BigCommerce platform.

With its native functionality, customizable features, and scalable platform, BigCommerce is the e-commerce solution that grows with your business.

With new products and content updated frequently, having a seamless browsing experience for both B2B and B2C was top priority for the new site. With this in mind, they partnered with IntuitSolutions for a custom full-site design developed on BigCommerce.

The Solution:  A Custom E-Commerce Design on BigCommerce

IntuitSolutions was tasked with building LexarIndustrial.com from the ground up, taking advantage of the BigCommerce platform’s flexibility, while delivering a modern, streamlined user experience. This entire process was overseen by a dedicated project manager and supported by an in-house team of BigCommerce experts.  

We worked closely with Lexar Industrial to craft a fully responsive design while upholding the company’s established brand. After getting to know the unique needs of Lexar’s products, industry, and competition, we arrived at a design that integrated a clean layout, custom functionality, and a highly intuitive shopping experience.

Highlighted features of the new site design include:

  • Modern homepage design, visually organized with clear calls to action.
  • Enhanced sorting features for product, style, and size variations.
  • Category and subcategory pages that utilize page space, text, and images to narrow ideal product results quickly.
  • Custom product page tabs organizing technical product information into more readable sections.
  • Customized mega menu with prominent images displayed above a list-style of product categories. 
  • Quick order page that helps customers find products by name or SKU and add them to their cart without navigating throughout the site. 
  • Branded cart and checkout pages to preserve customer trust and facilitate conversions.
Homepage of Lexar Industrial
Category landing page of Lexar Industrial
Category Page

Category  page of Lexar Industrial
Subcategory Page

Product page of Lexar Industrial
Product Page

Mega menu  of Lexar Industrial
Mega Menu

BigCommerce Add-Ons

Quick Order Addon
Quick Order Page

In addition to a custom design, our developers implemented our Quick Order Page add-on for LexarIndustrial.com. This feature allows visitors to quickly find products by name or SKU and add them directly to their cart without needing to navigate the site. 

The Quick Order page is one of our many BigCommerce add-ons ideal for B2B or bulk/wholesale customers, and functionality can even be restricted by customer group. For example, some businesses may want to limit this feature to wholesale customers or sales reps building sample carts.

Feature-Rich Development: IntuitSolutions Base Theme

IntuitSolutions Base Theme

Like our other projects built on BigCommerce, LexarIndustrial.com was built using our proprietary “Base Theme.” 

Our BigCommerce experts have dedicated hundreds of development hours to further optimize the already powerful “Cornerstone” Stencil theme. These updates include:

The Results: A Modern, Scalable E-Commerce Website that Evolves with Customer Expectations

Shopping preferences for Lexar’s customers have changed over the years – shifting from physical catalogs to online marketplaces. Staying attuned to customer needs, LexarIndustrial.com now has a brand new BigCommerce website to showcase its brand, reach new markets, and keep current customers coming back.

LexarIndustrial.com now has a robust online sales platform that’s not only sleek and user-friendly, but equipped with custom functionality to increase visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

Looking for a brand new BigCommerce store design? Are you considering migrating to BigCommerce from another online platform? We’re an Elite BigCommerce Partner Web Design Company ready to help you take your online store to the next level of growth. Send us a message or call us at 866-901-4650 to discuss how we can help your business succeed online.

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