BigCommerce Development, Redesign and ProStores Migration came to us with a lot of needs, not only were they looking for custom functionality on many different levels but they also needed a complete site redesign. With their ProStores site, they were experiencing a number of problems, and wanted to integrate some customizations to make things smoother. We suggested they switch platforms and introduced them to BigCommerce. With the opportunity to overhaul the site on a new platform, we presented improvements for their site structure and solutions for some design issues. The end result is a vast improvement over their old web site, not only in look and feel, but also the customer experience and versatility of the eCommerce functions.

Bulk Discount Customization

A particularly innovative API customization can be found on the Product Detail page for many products. They needed to combine product options and quantity discounts so that customers are able to see price changes on both the option and quantity level, at the same time. The picture below shows a Product Detail Page for Amaco (A) Artists Choice Glazes, pints, including the customized bulk discount table. The table combines each color/size option with an individual bulk discount price and a quantity box, allowing a customer to purchase any quantity of each color glaze while being able to see each individual bulk discount.

BigCommerce Customization

What this solves for

Without this customization, customers who wanted to purchase multiple option combinations for the same product, needed to add the product to the cart and then go back to the product detail page. Not only that, but they also This customization is a truly comprehensive approach to selling a product that has many options and prices without forcing a customer to leave the page.

Site Redesign

The redesign of the site takes into consideration how customers are most likely to interact and work their way through the site. The navigation is designed to orient the customers as they move from page to page. This is achieved through several avenues, the horizontal category navigation at the top appears on every page clearly delineating the page structure, and the side navigation on Category and Sub Category pages shows which page the customer is currently on (showing expanded sub-categories under the active category page). Check out before and after screenshots of below. Before: After:

Our Bulk Discount Options Customization could be exactly what your online store needs to improve customer experience. Contact us today to discuss moving your online store to BigCommerce, redesigning your site, or adding custom functionality to your eCommerce site.

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