Their Story:

Established in 2017, Simply Macs specializes in selling high quality used/refurbished Apple devices via their e-commerce storefront. With an impressive array of positive customer feedback including a 100.0% review score on ebay  and the coveted 5 star rating on Google Reviews, Simply Macs is unrivaled in the online retailer space. 

A major reason for Simply Macs’ glowing customer reviews, has to do with their philosophy of being present throughout the lifetime of a purchased product. This means that not only are they available throughout the purchasing process, but the Simply Macs team is available post purchase as well, to answer any questions regarding the product. 

You are guaranteed to receive a quality product thanks to Simply Macs’ certified technicians, inspecting functionality and making products look spick and span. Did I mention that you receive a 1 year warranty upon purchase, with the option of an upgraded 2-3 year? Simply Macs is simply the best.

SimplyMacs Full Site

The Challenge:

Simply Macs successfully launched and maintained their eBay storefront for a number of years. Ready for a website that truly reflected their values, Simply Macs reached out to us in order to help guide them through the process of building their first e-commerce website and ensuring it was SEO optimized, thanks to our BigCommerce SEO Experts. Always loving a challenge, we embarked on executing Simply Mac’s vision of an experience defined by easy navigation, speedy load times, and rich content.

The Solution:

Our BigCommerce Elite designers collaborated with Simply Macs to establish a visual language emphasizing a clean and friendly aesthetic which also reflects the experience users will have on their website. Let’s start with the color palette. Space gray, cobalt blue, & navy blue are prominent within the design. Space gray being a reference to the apple aesthetic, plays a supporting role to the other two colors. Cobalt and navy blue are synonymous with stability and tranquility, which ties in with the ease of use navigating experience we developed for them.

Speaking of ease of use navigating experiences, we improved on visual elements present on other e-commerce sites. Some of these improvements include how specs appear on product cards. On one site in particular, specs have a large font-size, requiring users to scroll a while, in order to read them entirely. We improved on this concept by reducing the font-size and creating a border after each spec for easy delineation.

Website Product Cards
Product page sticky feature

Another quality of life improvement regarding an element present on other online retailer sites, is how our BigCommerce Web Design experts developed the add to cart button, and product price. Typical product pages find users scrolling past the add to cart button and price. Simply Macs display these two elements as fixed, meaning that those important details are always present to the user, no matter where they scroll.


Lastly, it was important to include accessibility features in order to make the navigating experience that much better! We implemented the web application, AccessiBe, which configures web content to match the specifications set by a user. This way, the user can tailor the Simply Macs experience just for them.

The Results:

Since launching, Simply Macs has been able to provide their users with a rich and performant experience, matching the quality of their products and services. Simply Macs, being a brand new site, joined our monthly managed services program for SEO, UX, and Digital Marketing to really get their business off the ground. 

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