What’s New In ProStores 10.3.3?

November 2, 2012 | |

**NOTE: As of July 2014, we are no longer working on the ProStores platform. Please contact us if you would like to migrate your store to BigCommerce.**

IntuitSolutions’ servers are now running ProStores Version 10.3.3! What’s new and different in this version you ask? Here’s the run-down:

Google Feed File Change – Merchants can specify the Google attributes Color and Size in their feed file automatically, saving them time and improving their search results ranking.

Canadian Province List* – With the Canadian provinces dropdown list added to registration and check-out flows, checkout is smoother for Canadian buyers.

Enhanced Product List Display – The store admin product list now includes product thumbnail images, making it easier for merchants to visually find products and see images associated with a product.

Enhanced Checkout Thumbnail Display* – Product thumbnail images on the cart page are now consistently sized for optimal presentation for customers during checkout.

Void UPS Shipping Label – Merchant can void a UPS shipping label, simplifying the process of requesting chargebacks to their UPS account.

Refund Warning Message – To reduce accidental refunds, a system message will be triggered, warning merchants that a refund might be processed when cancelling or deleting an invoice.

Increased Field Character Limit – The UPC field character limit will be increased from 12 characters to 20 characters giving merchants more space to describe their product.

* All items marked with an asterisk require default template code – the upgrade process did not make any changes at all to your current Store Versions. To see the changes you can create and preview a new Store Version under Store Design > Store Versions. If you have a custom site or Ecommerce site and would like any of these new features to be included in your existing store please let us know by opening a new ticket at support.intuitsolutions.net and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote based on your needs. If you host your ProStores site with Homestead, ProStores.com, Dynamic, NeoVerve or any other reseller that’s upgraded to 10.3.3 and would like to use these new features on your existing Ecommerce site feel free to Contact Us for a quote and we’ll get right back to you.

Sean has been programming since first learning BASIC back in 1990. He has worked in the website development industry since its inception and has been working with IntuitSolutions since January 2006. Prepared for a career in systems administration by Drexel University, Sean is our Server Administrator and he works hard to make sure our equipment is efficient and reliable. He has been working with PHP and other powerful, web-friendly languages since the 90′s.