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January 20, 2012 | |

IntuitSolutions Webmail Basics

This page will go over the various options in Plesk Webmail. Most Customers will only ever have to worry about/use the Mail, My Account, and Options Sections.

The interface is very user friendly and simple to use, which is why this article deals only with where to update the settings on your email account. IMPORTANT: Plesk comes with a built in Help Documentation. Just click the Help Icon at the top the screen and all the relevant information about the page you are on will be displayed in a new window.

*How To Empty Your Mailbox*

  • -To ensure that your email continues to function, you must select the Purge Deleted option from the menu.
  • -Until you do so the deleted mails will remain in your account and contribute to your total disk space. Which could cause your email to stop working if the max limit is reached.
  • You Will also want to do delete, and then purge deleted on any mails stored in your sent items folder

Under Options/Global Options

  1. Personal Information – Here you can update the name attached to your email account
  2. Display Options – Here you can choose the various webmail settings including which screen to load after you login. (you may wish to change to Mail)
  3. Locale and Time – Set the language of the program as well as the time and date settings

Address Book and Calendar

Should you want to use these features you can set the various related settings in these sections


  1. If there are no active filters click Filter Rules
  2. Here is where you can create Filters for email.

Mail Options

  1. Personal Information

  2. This is a more in depth Options area than what is Under Global Options and has more settings that deal with email
  3. Message Options

  4. You can change any of the settings in this area
  5. The only section that you should definitely look at is Deleting and Moving Messages. By default Plesk doesn’t have a trash folder, so any deleted message will appear with a slash through it. In this section you can tell the system to use virtual trash or Create a trash folder.
  6. Other Options

  7. The Filters section is where you setup how your filters function (if you are using filters), Mailbox and Folder Display Options you may wish to alter as well

Notes, Calendar and Address Book

These are the same standard features most Email programs have and you can use them if you wish.

How to Change your Email Password

  1. On the Left Menu, click My account then password
  2. Fill out the Fields with your old Password and what you want it changed to and then click Change Password

Need to change the setting for something else that you do not see an option for in Webmail? Then you need to contact your email administrator to make the appropriate change and see if that function is available

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