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February 3, 2012 | |

This page will go over how to use our support ticketing system. Which is the best way to communicate with us about any work we are doing, or that you want done on your site.

Update: 2013 all new users are defaulted to a list of their currently open tickets after logging in. Just click on the ticket you wish to view.

Go to http://support.intuitsolutions.net/

Login with the username and password we provide.

From the main user screen

    • Show Open Issues
      1. Click on the open ticket number/subject that you wish to view
      2. Click on the Add note button at the top or bottom of the page, if you need to make any updates or inquire about the current project

    • Submit Issue

      You should only use this link if you do not have any open tickets. Fill out as much information as possible, describing your request/issues in detail.

    • Once you hit submit the ticket will be created and will be assigned to a programmer who will begin the work as soon as they are able to.

      1. Here you can look up/reference any past issues that are linked to your account.
      2. Fill out any search options you wish to use. Subject, Date opened and date closed are probably the most useful fields to search.
      3. If you leave all fields blank then you will see a list of all tickets you have submitted.
      4. Also you can not reopen past tickets, if you need additional work done on a past ticket then please submit an issue referencing the old ticket number(ie. Issue# 12345 follow up).

        Search Issues (useful to reference work that has been completed)

  • Click on the appropriate ticket you wish to view
  • Lookup Issue #

    This is a good option if you know the exact ticket number of the old ticket you wish to view

  • Just Type in the number and click submit, if the number is valid the ticket will be displayed.

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