Update on Successful Google PPC Management Case Study

In early October 2013, we published this article about making your Ecommerce store more successful with Google pay per click management. The article was about how IntuitSolutions was able to turn a monthly adwords budget of $1300 generating $2,425 in revenue into a more efficient Google PPC campaign with a monthly budget of $1500; generating $13,121 in revenue.

With further tweaking, monthly keyword research and campaign optimization, we identified more opportunities to increase revenue from Google pay per click ads. These changes resulted in the doubling of revenue ($26,522.22) for October 2013, with the same budget  ($1500).

This translates to a  Return On Investment (ROI) of 17.7 for the month of October (For every $1 spent on adwords, $17.70 of revenue was generated).

Please note the ROI in February 2013 was 2.67 (For every $1 spent on adwords $2.67 of revenue was generated).

The chart below from Google Analytics shows the upward trend in revenue generated from Google PPC.


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