The New SEO and The Changing Internet Marketing Space

Keeping Your Focus in Focus

As Google & Yahoo/Bing continue to try to improve search results it is paramount to continuously adjust the focus of your Internet Marketing campaigns. In our recent experience we have had success rebuilding credibility in the search engine and regaining rankings by using a combination of focusing on
Search Engine Compliance in SEO, Website Usability, and Strategic Paid Internet Marketing services. When you have lost revenue to a major decrease in traffic this only means you are no longer, in the short term able to reach your customer base through conventional SEO; it does not mean people are not buying. We help you find those customers where they shop, and focus on converting them into sales.

A Multifaceted Approach is Key

SEO is no longer just buying links and stuffing your site with as many keywords as possible, you now have to have real, valuable, user friendly content that actual customers find useful. You may have noticed a sudden decrease in Organic traffic or suddenly you no longer rank for keywords that have been your bread and butter for years. This is a common theme in the ever changing world of Internet Marketing.

It’s All About Your Site

This is why we have shifted our focus away from traditional SEO practice to focusing on great content and identifying opportunities for sales across the Internet. By broadening your reach and focusing converting more site traffic you can recover lost revenue in a cost effective manner. We use a combination of Pay Per Click, Display Advertising, Social Media, and if applicable, Shopping Engines. We optimize spend across these channels to reach our predetermined goals. This along with tactical nuts and bolts work on your site to correct and manage any Webmaster Tool errors or back-link issues will put you in position to grow revenue sooner than later.

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