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July 13, 2012 | |

Have you noticed your site tanking in Google rankings in the past month or so? Have your visitors dropped significantly since last year? Its undoubtedly due to Google’s recent major algorithm change dubbed ‘penguin’. Mainly this update address over-optimization (keyword stuffing) and low-quality or “spammy” linking practices. How can you know for sure whether or not your site was hit?

penguin update recovery

One of our clients, a ProStore that sells wedding products, was concerned about his YTD drop in customer visits during his busiest season. Looking at the blue line (this year) compared to the orange line (last year), we can see a huge drop off in visitors. At first look, this can be devastating to a business owner and cause panic in the ranks. However, more analysis will give us a better grasp of what is happening.

poor inbound links

Looking at the client’s link portfolio, the top four links immediately caught our eye. Why was a site weddingunitycandles.org linking to the client over 9,000 times? Sure enough, the keyword-stuffed site was a “link farm”, a blog with the sole function of aggregating links for other sites. While Google will not punish you for having these sites linking to your site, your site rank might suffer due to the loss of these plentiful, but now meaningless links. While this drop in rank is still a serious issue for any business, it’s mainly an illusion. We can be sure that any traffic coming from these junk links produced no sales, and totally screwed-up important statistics. A controlled link portfolio means pure data that you can REALLY analyze. Looking at bots move around your site will tell you nothing about how your site is performing. So really, this recent downturn in visitors is a blessing in disguise.

IntuitSolutions can help get your link portfolio under control. We get the sites in question to cease link programs, and get relevant inbound links to your site with thorough research.

Keyword Stuffing

Otherwise, another often overlooked metric is site structure and the overuse of keywords. Run a search of what you consider to be your key terms on your website (ctrl + F on your keyboard). If these keywords are appearing everywhere and in high number, chances are Google has perceived your site to have too high a keyword density. We’d advise chopping down the frequency of these keywords to the point that the content still makes sense. You could also run this same search on a high-ranking competitor to get a good idea.

IntuitSolutions offer monthly managed SEO subscriptions. Achieve the search visibility and sales associated with professional SEO management. You can be assured your site will not suffer from changes in Google’s shifting ranking conventions. Have everything in place from the get go. Increase traffic and improve conversions. Contact us now!

More information on Google’s Penguin update Here.

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