Managed PPC Services

We work hard to build well-rounded PPC campaigns that will drive high-quality traffic without wasting your budget on poorly performing segments. We’ve worked with campaigns of all sizes and in all stages of creation. Whether you need to build a paid search campaign from scratch, overhaul a poorly performing initiative, or squeeze even more efficiency out of a steady campaign, we have the knowledge and the experience to improve your bottom line and drive consistent returns to your business through pay-per-click advertisements. Our efforts are driven by extensive research, market analysis, and return-first decisions.

Our PPC Strategy

Our strategy typically begins with a hefty analysis of current campaign performance and keyword trends, followed by a cleanup procedure in which we trim fat, remove waste, and optimize bids and budgets in order to maintain consistent performance without throwing dollars at under performing keywords, ads, and campaigns. From there, we improve landing page experiences to improve quality scores, reduce bounce-rates, and increase conversion rates. Moving forward, we’re able to build upon the existing strengths and identify brand new opportunities through campaign analysis and market research.

PPC Text Ad Network

We strive to deliver succinct messages to potential buyers who are making buying-oriented searches. We avoid the potential waste that comes with casting broad nets, and refine our focus to drive real, sustainable returns. Google has built a number of tools over the years to help advertisers to home in on their target audience and avoid paying for clicks from those who fall outside the buying demographic. With the proper knowledge and implementation of those tools, we build highly efficient text network campaigns.

AdWords Display Ads and Retargeting Campaigns

The display ad network is a powerful tool for advertisers looking to expand their brand awareness and reach out to targeted audiences. With creative visual content, you can advertise products, promotions, and branding messages on pages where potential shoppers are already engaging. We’ll work closely with you to find ideal audiences and optimal displays to drive revenue.

Retargeting campaigns have the ability to reach out to highly specified audiences in order to capture their interest and drive their actions towards conversions. By creatively reading demographic information, we build extremely effective retargeting campaigns that bring in shoppers ready to buy, while also expanding awareness of your brand and building your presence in your customers’ online lives.

AdWords Automation and Reporting

Just like all of our managed services, we ensure our clients are in the loop and ready to contribute their knowledge of the industry in order put us all in the best position to succeed. We utilize a variety of AdWords scripts to keep an eye on performance, and we build periodic reports to highlight wins, losses, and opportunities within the paid search arena.

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