BigCommerce PLA (Product Listing Ads)

We began building our expertise in Google shopping several years ago. Since then, we’ve seen the platform evolve, learned a few tricks, and seen incredible success with this powerful tool. Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) get a tremendous amount of eyes on them and if you’re not currently taking advantage of this incredibly popular comparison shopping engine, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in sales.

How Google Shopping Works on BigCommerce

Google Shopping requires you to upload a product feed which includes a variety of product fields including the name, SKU, price, and other key, information and identifiers. Out of the box, BigCommerce provides a shopping feed generator, which saves you the time of constructing a spreadsheet with the proper headings. Just make sure the right information is populated in the necessary fields, and you can get a feed ready for Google to parse out.

Google Shopping Troubleshooting

Much of the time required to manage a Google shopping feed involves keeping an eye on the campaign and fixing issues Google finds with your feed. As with many of Google’s services, Google shopping is constantly evolving, meaning a feed that was approved last week could be in violation of a new policy and in need of an update before approval. Our years of experience allow us to diagnose and resolve these issues quickly so you can maintain a consistent presence on Google’s powerful shopping platform.

Google Shopping Optimization Strategy

Beyond maintaining a healthy feed, there are a number of ways to optimize your Google shopping efforts. From negative keywords to strategic bid adjustments on your various product offerings, you can allocate larger sums of money towards high-margin items while minimizing spend on tighter products. Together with our focus on returns across all PPC efforts, Google shopping can take your paid search revenue to new levels.

Other Comparison Shopping Engines

Although Google continues to improve upon its shopping services (and marketshare), it is by no means the only player. There is plenty of revenue to extract from shopping-specific search engines like eBay, Amazon, NexTag, to only name a few. With our BigCommerce experience, we can expand the products in your WebStore to be fed to these channels, increasing your store’s visibility and sales considerably. We have built relationships with 3rd-party developers that have created software to make this process easier on you, the client. Syncing inventory, managing listings, and increased product exposure have never been more readily available for Comparison Shopping.

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