Search Engine Optimized Responsive WordPress Theme

We are proud to offer a responsive, search engine optimized WordPress theme tailored specifically for local and service businesses. The theme has been carefully handcoded from the ground up using modern coding practices and languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery in order to future proof the code as much as possible.

responsive wordpress theme

The theme features a main slideshow, calls to action on the right, custom backgrounds and logo’s and much more.

Responsive WordPress Design

One of the most challenging problems of maintaining your appearance on the web is being able to cater to both your desktop and mobile audience. Oftentimes people use redirects to send visitors to a separate subdomain such as ‘’ but this requires more maintenance in the long run and in some instances you’re actually running two different websites! With a responsive design, you’re only running one website that just scales down depending on the user’s browser size. This means that you only have one database to maintain, less things to update in the future and you still stay in touch with your mobile audience.

mobile friendly wordpress

On Page Testimonials

The theme also offers an easy way for your customers to leave you reviews and testimonials right on page. This means that rather than leaving reviews on a 3rd party website where the benefit of reviews for your SEO is limited, you get them right on your site providing Search Engines with high quality content that tells them just how amazing your business really is!

WordPress Testimonials

Clean, Modern Coding Practices

One of the most important parts of the theme is one that can’t easily be visualized and that is clean, modern coding with an emphasis on a search engine optimization. The site has excellent built in title tags, but defaults gracefully if you use one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins (Yoast’s WordPress SEO or the All-In-One SEO Pack). The code has been written very carefully to ensure a fast loading time while maintaining a very professional appearance.

You can find more details and read more about the optimized responsive WordPress theme in our store!

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