Our Mobile Templates Increase Mobile Sales

January 20, 2012 | |

**NOTE: As of July 2014, we are no longer working on the ProStores platform. Please contact us if you would like to migrate your store to BigCommerce.**

Case Study: Sales by Mobile Customers and Mobile conversion rates nearly doubled since installing our Custom ProStores Mobile Templates

Below is a screenshot taken from Analytics of purchases from mobile devices. The Blue line on the graph represents day-to-day transactions made on all mobile devices starting with the day the Mobile Templates were installed. The green line represents transactions made on mobile before the templates were installed.

Though # of visits only rose slightly between the 2 time periods, Revenue and Transactions from mobile visitors nearly doubled. Our Custom Mobile Template Installation on ANY given ProStore pays for itself almost instantly. It’s a no brainer! If you have a ProStore don’t hesitate and go Mobile. Check out our Custom Mobile Templates.

Mobile Sales Increase

mobile template example

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