Finally, ProStores-Groupon Compatibility

April 20, 2012 | |

We recently had a client ask us how to allow Groupon promotion codes to work on their ProStore. Since ProStores has a limit of 10 characters for promo codes we had to come up with a work-around so we can allow for the longer Groupon codes to function. Manually adding each Groupon code into the ProStores office was simply not viable. As a result, we’ve developed a better system which allows you to quickly add or even generate random promotional codes compatible with Groupon and other promotional sites just like it!

How does it work?
We’ve created a panel which requires only two fields: PromoCode and ProStoresPromoCode. The Promo Code is what the customer enters, the ProStoresPromoCode is the code that’s submitted to ProStores in the background. This means you can have hundreds of unique codes for a single promotions but only need one real ProStores promo code that associates all of them. The ProStores promo code is hidden from the customer on the invoice which keep people from sharing it, avoiding abuse of ProStore’s multiple-use promotions. Our way, each unique promo code can only be used once!

ProStores Groupon Compatibility Product

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