ProStores Category Slide Show

November 2, 2009 | |

**NOTE: As of July 2014, we are no longer working on the ProStores platform. Please contact us if you would like to migrate your store to BigCommerce.**

This ProStores Plugin will create a slideshow of large, eye-catching images that will link to any category in the store you’d like.

Naming The Slides

The slide must be named properly to associate it with the correct category.

Let’s say I’m running a clothing store and I have a “Skirts” sub-category in the “Women’s” category and I’d like to create a slide to go directly to this category from the homepage. I would name this image slideshow_womens_skirts.jpg and upload it. If I wanted to go a step further and link to a category within “Skirts” called “Mini Skirts” I’d name it slideshow_womens_skirts_miniskirts.jpg.

There are some important things to note about the file’s name:

  • They all start with slideshow_ for organization reasons.
  • The whole file name is in lowercase.
  • The special characters are removed. A special character is anything that isn’t a letter or a number.
  • The categories are separated by an underscore.
  • The images must be a .jpg file.

Uploading Slides

You may upload slides in the ProStores Store Administration by going to Support -> Upload Images -> Shared Images and selecting Category Photo as the Image Type and uploading the file you created. You may overwrite old slides by doing this, you do not have to delete them first.

Removing Slides

You can delete slides in the ProStores Store Administration by going to Support -> File Management and clicking the images folder. In here you will see a list of all your category and slideshow images along with template set folders. Do not touch any files that aren’t slideshow images. All of the slideshow images begin with slideshow_ just to make this more clear. Check the box next to the slide you want to delete then scroll to the bottom and click the Delete button and they will be removed from the slideshow.

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