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Provide a better shopping experience for your wholesale customers by adding a specific wholesale section to your site!

The same e-commerce experience that is directed toward retail customers does not necessarily work well for wholesale customers. There may be certain features of the site that wholesale customers should or shouldn’t see, such as the homepage slider, which could include sales and other offers that are available only to retail customers. The Wholesale Section customization can make changes to you site specifically for wholesale customers to improve their experience.

This product is tailored to the needs of your site. In the past, we have created a separate wholesale customer homepage, adjusted the homepage to remove content that was only for retail customers, adjusted the footer to remove links that were for retail customers and add links that were for wholesale customers, created a wholesale customer sign-in page and more.

In some ways, this product is similar to the Conditional Content for Customer Groups. Like the Conditional Content for Customer Groups, it uses the customer groups BigCommerce functionality to restrict the areas of the site that can be accessed and how each page displays; however, unlike the Conditional Content for Customer Groups customization, this customization includes a wholesale login page and a wholesale sign-up page, if requested

What it does

This customization hides or displays content specifically for wholesale customers. It also includes a login page specifically for wholesale customers and a sign up form so customers can sign up to be wholesale customers.


The image below is an example of a custom WholeSale Home Page. Unlike the normal Home Page for TwirlyGirl, this page has a static image that shows the customer that they are logged into the WholeSale Section of the site. It also has a special CTA box that links to the Wholesale Only Ordering Information Page.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

If your site has already has wholesale customers or you plan to open your site to wholesale customers, create a better experience for your them by providing adjusting your site to have wholesale specific content.

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