UPS Tracking

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Allow your customer’s to track all of their shipments from you in one easy and convenient spot. UPS Tracking is simple and efficient.

This customization connects directly to UPS’s Tracking API, and allows your customers to track any order that you’ve shipped to them, via any number of your UPS shipping accounts.

Track by any of the five reference fields available to you, the shipper, to populate. Most common uses are for order numbers, emails, tracking numbers, and phone numbers. Depending on which reference field is used, the customer will be able to track either a single shipment, a single package, or all of the order’s you have sent them.

What it does

Displays a table of orders with most recent tracking information. Delivery dates, tracking numbers, addresses, and order numbers.


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Why Do I Need This?

Let your customer’s track their orders by email, phone, or order number without them ever leaving your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

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