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Call for Pricing

Upsell to your customers with ease.

This customization takes advantage of both your ability to assign related products on a per-product basis, and the built in BigCommerce “Add To Cart” modal. We add functionality to the already present Related Products that allows customers to choose options, and add items to cart from within the modal.

This is incredibly helpful for add-on products in your store, and will improve your ability to upsell to your customers without being obtrusive in the process, or adding additional steps to the checkout process.

This customization requires that you manually assign Related Products for each product, as these will display as the add-on products. If this is not appropriate for your needs, we can also adjust to utilize custom fields.

What it does

We utilize the Related Products that have been assigned to the product and pull their options, prices, and availability, displaying them in the Add To Cart pop-up. Optionally, we can use product URL’s specified in the custom fields for the product.


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Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

  • Allow your customers to add products directly to their cart without navigating to separate product pages
  • Streamline the shopping process by recommending products intentionally

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which products are recommended?

Can I assign related products to categories, or bulk assign related products?

What if I have pricing rules?