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IntuitSolutions’ Store Locator lets customers look up nearby brick and mortar store locations by utilizing Google Maps.

Your customers can enter a specific postal code or use geolocation to find stores near them. An embedded map will populate with the various locations based on the customer’s input, and from there they can use Google’s tools to get directions to or contact the store.

In addition to the embedded map, customers will see a list of stores broken down by distance alongside the map as well.

What it does

The Store Locator customization utilizes a template that gets assigned to a page via the back office in BigCommerce as well as a CSV file you’ll need to edit to include details of each of your stores (name, phone number, address, zip, longitude and latitude).

A script on the custom template converts the data in the CSV to JSON objects which are used to populate a Google Map. IntuitSolutions has provided documentation on how to apply the template as well as how to edit and upload the required CSV file.


The Store Locator in action.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

Let customers find your products in nearby stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I add stores to the locator?