Ship to Store Option in Checkout

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This customization allows your customers to choose from your physical store locations as a possible shipping location during Checkout. All you have to do is let us know the addresses of your stores that you would like to use as “Ship to Store” options, and we do the rest.

What it does

Once the customer has entered in their Billing Address, a “Ship to Store” checkbox will appear, and then once that is checked they can choose which store they would to ship to from a list. Once they’ve chosen their store, the selected store’s address will populate the BigCommerce Shipping Address. This address is hidden from the customer so it cannot be changed. If the customer unchecks the “Ship to Store” checkbox, they can edit their Shipping Address. After the customer selects their store, a hidden Shipping Method of “Ship to Store” is selected.


This is an example of what the checkout looks like before the "Ship to Store" option is selected. Please note the "Store Pickup?" checkbox at the bottom of the first column.

This is an example of the checkout after the "Ship to Store" option has been selected. The customer has the ability to choose from the available stores, and when selected, the Shipping Information section is hidden and pre-populated with the store's address.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

For businesses that have physical store locations and want to offer their online customers a bit more flexibility, this customization helps you provide an edge over your competitors.

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