Setup Fees

Dependent on Configuration

Need to charge a one-time fee to fulfill an order? This add-on allows you to set and display a Setup Fee, then have it automatically included with Product Total.

  • Clearly display and charge a one-time setup fee on Product page
  • Can be a flat price or dynamically update as Product Specifications and Quantity are modified
  • Fee is included with Product Total when added to Cart

Managing setup fees is tricky with native BigCommerce – including it as a Product Option or a separate Product doesn’t really work. Our add-on allows you to set the exact fee on the Products that require it, to clearly display it on the Product Page, and to include it with the final total. It’s perfect for stores that do custom work or offer personalization, especially at the wholesale level.

What it does

Clearly display and charge one-time setup fees on Products, regardless of quantity ordered