Segmented Search Options and Results

$2495 (one time fee)

Some sites have very large databases, and segmenting your ‘Search’ function can greatly improve the user-friendliness of your navigation. Segment your search by types of Products, or even Specifications on Products to enhance your user experience.

We will also customize and style to fit your website design and layout as necessary.

What it does

We will add functionality to the standard search function on BigCommerce by allow the user to select via a dropdown menu, a particular predefined segment of your website, and deliver only those results. This functionality will be available across your site, and can be tailored to your specific product offering. We’ll help you identify the segmentation that will give your users the best experience.

Also note that this customization, when developed on the new Stencil Framework for BigCommerce, ONLY delivers the specified results. Since we’re not retrieving ALL results, and THEN hiding or removing non-applicable items, this customization is fast, and SEO friendly.


Screenshot from Live Example 1 listed below

Why Do I Need This?

  • Improve User Experience
  • Tailor your navigation to your customers and products
  • Organize your search function

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be developed on both Stencil and Blueprint frameworks?

How do I create segmentations?

Does IntuitSolutions do the necessary Product Database Work?