Real-Time Store Inventory

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For businesses that have physical store locations, this customization allows you to display the inventory for each SKU at each store location in real-time. Once a customer navigates to the Product Page of your site, they will see a “Check in store” button that will show them the stock level for the product at each store. This is especially helpful for customers that may want to check if their favorite item is in stock before they come in to the store to make the purchase. This creates an important connection between your eCommerce business and your brick and mortar stores, and positions you above your competitors.

What it does

This functionality pulls inventory information from an external CSV file that you can host with the rest of your BigCommerce template files. You must create this file on your own, and you will be responsible for updating it. The CSV will include a column for each store location’s inventory, and we will sync that information to display on the BigCommerce Product Page.


The "Check my store" link displays below the Add to Cart button, and will display a pop-up with the current SKU's inventory in each store.

This is an example of the Real Time Inventory pop-up that displays on the Product Page.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

This customization is integral for a seamless transition between your physical store locations and your online shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the inventory file have to be in a specific format?

How often is the inventory information pulled?

Will this work if I have options on my products?