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Return customers who routinely purchase the same items or customers who know exactly what they need and have a SKU (or several) handy will appreciate this BigCommerce Quick Order customization.

Customers can quickly look up multiple products by SKU and change their quantities and then bulk-add them to their cart. The customer can also add and remove products simply by clicking a plus or minus button.

What it does

A page on your site is assigned a template with a custom script that references a JSON flat-file produced by a server-side script hosted by IntuitSolutions (at an additional monthly cost) to look up SKUs input by the customer.

The customer can then select a SKU and see a display of the name of the product, and can input the quantity desired. Customers can add and remove products with ease, and can bulk-add all their products to the cart.


SKUs are looked up dynamically ...

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Why Do I Need This?

  • More efficient shopping and checkout process
  • Customers who know what/how much they want don’t need to browse or search site for each individual product they want to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a customer look up a product by name?

Is this cusztomization easy to install?