Purchase Order Solution

$995 (one time fee)

Dealing with Purchase Orders is such a hassle. First the customer has to send it to you via email. Then you or your staff have to find it, and figure out which order this PO is related to. Then finally, you have to process everything. And that’s if they actually want to pay by purchase order! Because the Pay by PO method is available at all times, and because there is no inherent check for a Purchase Order, sometimes your customers checkout without even wanting to pay by PO! An additional layer of headache ensues.

Enter our Purchase Order Solution customization.

Remove the hassles, struggles, and headaches that come with processing and dealing with purchase orders. With this customization, your customers can enter a PO number at checkout. This feature can be made available to all customers or only Approved Customers.

What it does

This customization allows you to grant access to a Purchase Order Payment Method to some or all of your customers. Approved customers can pay by entering a PO number, with no changes necessary to other Checkout Payment or Shipping options or to Checkout Settings.


Purchase Order Option available at checkout

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Why Do I Need This?

Remove the hassle for both yourself and your customers by allowing them to enter their Purchase Order numbers directly at checkout.
Save time and money, streamlining the process of handling Purchase Orders.

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