Product Option Grid

$1495 (one time fee)

Allow your customers to purchase multiple variations of a product in different quantities from a single Product Page with the Product Option Grid.

By default, BigCommerce only allows customers to add one variation of a product to the cart at a time. In other words, if you wanted to buy a shirt in blue and wanted the same shirt in black, you would have to go to the product page, add the blue shirt to your cart, go back to the product page, and add the black shirt to your cart. The Product Option Grid makes this process easier by allowing you to add both the blue and the black shirt to your cart at the same time.

The Product Option Grid is made using one or two Product Options. One Product Option is represented by the columns and the other by the rows. Let’s say your product has different sizes and different colors. The sizes may go across the grid with each column representing a different size (i.e. Small, Medium, Large, etc.). The colors would then go down the grid with each row being a different color. The cells of the grid would be filled with the quantities the customer would want of each variation. Once the customer fills in the quantities they want of each variation, they just add them to their cart. This customization can even take into account what variations are out of stock and make them unavailable.

If the product has only one Product Option, the Product Option will be represented by the rows and there will be only one column for the quantity. For example, if you had several sizes of a product, the various sizes would be listed with quantity boxes listed in a column to the right.

The Product Option Grid is fairly easy to implement and does not require any changes to your products.

This is a great solution for sites geared towards wholesale customers since they are likely to buy several variations of the same product.

What it does

This customization creates a grid that represents the various options of the product. For example you could have a column for each available size and a row for each available color. The grid allows customers to add multiple variations of a product from the same product page. Also, the customization will show what Product Option combinations are out of stock.


Below is an example image of the Product Option Grid. As you can see each column corresponds to a size and each row to a color/style of the product. The tan boxes show what variations of the product are out of stock while the variations that are in stock have quantity boxes.

Why Do I Need This?

This customization greatly improves user experience for customers, like wholesale customers, that add multiple variations of a product to their cart since it allows them to add them in one action.

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