Product based Shipping and Payment Method Restrictions

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Sometimes some of your products can’t be used with all of your available shipping methods or payment methods. If some of your products can’t be delivered through your expedited shipping method, or other products can’t be shipped internationally, we can help. Other products might have restrictions on what payment methods you can accept for them. Anytime you have a restriction at the product level for what shipping methods or payment methods should be available for your customers, we can tailor this customization to fit your needs.

What it does

We leverage BigCommerce’s custom fields functionality to allow you to mark which products should be restricted from your shipping or payment methods. All you have to do is add in a custom field to products that have a restriction, and our customization will prevent those shipping and payment methods from showing to the customer during checkout if they have one of the restricted products in their cart. You will need to add in these custom fields to your products as needed. If you add in new products in the future, just make sure they have the correct custom fields and this customization will work with them as well.


Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

If you have specific products that can’t be shipped with specific shipping methods that you’d like to offer in your store, then this customization will allow your business to run smoothly without the extra hassle of contacting a customer after their order is placed, and adjusting their order after the fact. Save yourself the customer service nightmares, and use our Shipping Method Restrictions customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I add in new products in the future?

What if I want to change my shipping or payment methods?

What if I want to add new shipping or payment methods?

What if I have multiple restrictions for different products?