Popup Login Window

$195 (one time fee)

Allow Customers to log in to your website without leaving their current page with a simple popup window, bypassing the multi-page login process native to BigCommerce.

The traditional BigCommerce login process requires customers to navigate away from the product they’re looking at to sign in, wasting time and potentially causing confusion that increases your bounce rates. Our customization will allow your Customer to login right from their current page. It’s faster, easier, and ensures your customers don’t give up on a purchase or lose their way through the purchase pipeline.

Note: This add-on is only compatible with BigCommerce Stencil themes, not Blueprint.

What it does

This customization uses AJAX calls to create pop-up windows that allow users to log in from anywhere on the site, bypassing the “Login” or “My Account” pages.


Click to login without navigating away from the screen.

A modal pops up, prompting you to log in.

Why Do I Need This?

Bypass traditional multi-page login process and ease customer confusion, ensuring they don’t leave anything behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

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