Product Options on Category Page

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Do you have multiple options available for a product and want to inform your customers of this as they browse your product categories?

IntuitSolutions has a custom solution that will allow customers to see and preview options, a color for example, by clicking a swatch below the thumbnail. The product thumbnail will change to reflect the swatch the customer has selected.

This is a great way for customers to see and preview a product’s different options while browsing your category pages.

What it does

This customization works by utilizing Product Options rules in Bigcommerce to show a different image when a color swatch is clicked. You simply need to create these rules and upload the image you wish to display for a particular swatch, and a script installed by IntuitSolutions will check to see these conditions are met and then display the swatches on the category pages.


Demonstrating the thumbnails changing when a swatch is clicked.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

  • Customers can see options before committing to a product
  • Improves the User Experience on your site
  • Increases customer engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this customization difficult to implement?

Can my customers add their chosen option to the cart from the category page?