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Entice your customers to sign up for your newsletter with a Newsletter Signup Popup box on your homepage.

We created this customization to drive more customers to sign up for our client’s newsletters. The popup is a simple modal that is coded into the homepage and uses the built in BigCommerce Newsletter Sign-up Form to submit the request. Please note that the newsletter does not display every time the customer visits the homepage of the site. Generally, it will display once every 24 hours however this can be adjusted. Once filled out, the customer is taken to the “Thanks for Subscribing” Page, just as they would if they had filled out the default Newsletter Sign-up Box.

This customization will also work with BigCommerce email marketing apps, like MailChimp.

This is a great way advertise any special offers you may provide when customers sign up for your newsletter.

What it does

This customization displays a popup box with the Newsletter Sign-up Form and any additional information you would like to include about the newsletter. With the use of cookies, the popup only displays the first time the customer visits the home page over a given period of time.


Screenshot of the Live Example 1 listed below

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

  • Attract more attention to your newsletters
  • Build up a group of customers you can market to later

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the information that displays in the Newsletter Popup Box later?

My country has special regulations for collecting marketing information. Are you able to adapt this functionality to accommodate for this?

Will this work if I use a email marketing app like MailChimp?

Can the form collect other information besides the customers name and email?