Make / Model / Year

$2495 Installation + $49.95/mo (variable)

Make Model Year lets customers who are shopping for a specific parts, filter through the categories to pull the products that pertain to the part they need. IntuitSolutions built this customization primarily for car and motor sites so that shoppers can select the make, model and year of their vehicle and view only products that pertain to their vehicle.

This customization is best for a large catalog of products and for shoppers who would only be searching a very specific list of products out of the large range of products offered. It’s not only for car and motor sites, as its customization to search for anything – so long as the client keeps an organized category structure in their back office in BigCommerce, as well as an updated spreadsheet with all categories.

Note that pricing on this Product depends greatly on a number of variables, and may be more or less than the above noted pricing structure depending on those factors.

What it does

Make Model Year pulls from your categories, and filters through, providing you a list of products that pertain to the category structure given.


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Why Do I Need This?

Let shoppers find the products they would be shopping for faster and avoid having customers waste time searching for products, and allow for more active shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

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