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Offering image based personalizations can be tricky. Will your customer’s image look good? How will it actually look on top of your product? All of these questions are asked by your customers every time they upload an image to be used as their personalization. IntuitSolution’s Live Upload Preview removes these questions from your customer’s shopping experience. Uploaded images are instantly shown overlaid on top of your product, giving your customer’s ease of mind. This interactive customization improves your customer’s overall shopping experience.

This solution requires no external scripts. We leverage BigCommerce’s built in File Upload options and on page scripts to generate the preview.

Because the process for generating the image is handled on page, this customization can be applied to the cart as well. Showing the image preview over the product thumbnails as well enhances the user experience, removing any guess work when reviewing their order.

Originally built on the Stencil Framework, this solution will also work on BigCommerce’s Blueprint framework.

What it does

This customization takes the file being uploaded by the customer and overlays it over the product image. With the use of CSS and Javascript, we can render everything on page, removing the need for external scripts. Images can be uploaded repeatedly, and the image overlay will update in real time.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

Improve conversion rates by giving your customer’s a better shopping experience with improved interactivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the overlaid image be moved around on the preview?

Can I save the Preview?

Can I have different locations for the overlay depending on the product?

How do I set where the overlay should appear?