Image Swap on Hover

$395 (one time fee)

Improve your Customer’s User Experience when browsing on your Category Pages in BigCommerce with Image Swap on Hover. IntuitSolutions has found that a large part of the decision making behind purchasing a product, is being able to see alternative options. One of the most simple and effective ways to showcase your Product Options, is to use Image Swap on Hover. Image Swap on Hover is a great way for a user to identify that additional options exist for the Product, or see a different Product Image. This functionality is a great way to improve your category pages. Let users see what that dress might look like in a different color without having to click onto the product page to look through the options. If you have two popular options you want to showcase easily, this is the best way to do it. Implementation of this customization is straightforward and requires minimal to no database work by you, the client.

What it does

On the Category Page, or sometimes referred to as the Product List Page, when you hover on a Product Image, it will ‘swap’ and display the second Product Image Uploaded to that Product. It can be used to showcase a product option such as a different color product, a different angle of the product, or close-up detail images of a product. Take advantage of the great product photography you have for your products by showcasing them using Image Swap on Hover.


Example of Image Swap

Second example that ALSO includes Displaying the Color Option Swatches on the Category Page

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

  • Improve the User Experience on your site
  • Showcase different options of your products
  • Showcase different angles of same product

Frequently Asked Questions

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