Gift Card Redemption: Smart Transaction Systems Integration

$1,995 + $49.95/month

Let Customers use physical gift cards to make purchases on your BigCommerce store with this integration for Smart Transaction Systems Card Services.  It works directly with Smart Transaction Systems’s API to offer gift card checkout in one easy step. Implementation of this customization is straightforward– just give us access to your STS account and we’ll take care of the rest.

What it does

Our developers create a custom field on the checkout screen that interacts with Smart Transaction System’s API to identify the gift card and pull in the remaining balance as online store credit. Customers simply type in their gift card number, then apply the credit that appears to their purchase. If the gift card balance doesn’t cover the total cost of the purchase, they can use a second payment method, like a credit card, to make up the difference.


Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

If you have physical store locations and use a gift card system, this customization provides a seamless connection between your eCommerce store and your brick-and-mortar stores. Let customers pay how they want and eliminate hassle on your end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this allow my BigCommerce store to issue physical gift cards?

If the customer's order amount is higher than the gift card balance, can they use an additional payment method?

If the customer redeems a physical gift card online but does not use it all at once, can they use the balance in a physical store?

What if a customer tries to redeem a gift card that's not valid or doesn't have any money left?

Are there any other limitations?