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The Picture Frame Preview allows for your customers to see the difference between framed and canvas options in real time.

This customization works by taking the existing product image, and then using advanced JS and CSS techniques, to render the appearance of the image inside a frame, or as a 3D canvas print.

The best thing about this customization is that it uses the already existing product image as the base, and then generates the rest. So this allows for you to offer a great visual experience for your customer, without having to spend countless hours in Photoshop; mocking up the frame and canvas views, then uploading those images to BigCommerce, then setting option rules that switch the images accordingly.

Additionally, because everything is rendered in code, your customer can change things like Frame Color, and have the frame instantly update!

What it does

This customization takes the existing product image and creates either a frame or a canvas rendering live. No need for thousands of product images, and conditional rules. The code takes care of everything. And because this is all CSS and JS, there is no need to host external apps to create these images; everything is done in real time.


Poster Option

Frame Option

Canvas Option

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

Stand out from other poster/art retailers by showcasing framed or canvas prints right on the page, in a visually appealing and interactive way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would my options have to change to support this customization?

Can this be applied site wide?