Estimated Delivery Date for Shipping Method

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Add additional information to your customers checkout experience with Estimated Delivery Dates!

Using a simple naming convention for your shipping methods, this customization will calculate each shipping methods estimated delivery date. This customization takes into account all Federal holidays and weekends, allowing for an astute delivery date.

The naming convention requires that you set specific day ranges for each of your delivery methods, which is then translated into actual dates for your customer.

What it does

Get estimated delivery dates based on shipping times. This customization uses a shipping method naming convention, that includes the estimated shipping times for each shipping method. From this range (ex. 7-10 days), this customization will calculate the estimate delivery date taking into account weekends and holidays. Uses same day shipping as a presumption, but can be changed to also include shipping processing times as well.


Estimated Delivery dates shown under each Shipping Method

Estimated Delivery Dates shown on the cart page using BigCommerce's Estimate Shipping & Tax feature.

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Why Do I Need This?

Improve customer experience by giving date ranges for shipping methods that include weekends and holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

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